After spending most of the day travelling from Kuala Lumpur, I’ve made it to Singapore. the first thing I noticed stepping off of the train was the hugeee skyscrapers around me.

After checking into my hostel, I walked down to Chinatown for some dinner and a look around. I noticed this cool building along the way…

I thought Chinatown here was very similar to the one in Kuala Lumpur, just with both red and orange lanterns and prettier building around it. I stopped off at a Michelin Star Hawker restaurant for dinner… I’m sure it’s the only Michelin star place where you get plastic knives and forks and it costs less than S$5! It didn’t look too special, but the roasted pork with noodles tasted pretty good!


Michelin star food

I then took a quick stop at the Buddha Tooth Relic, which apparently holds a tooth of the Buddha. An early night is in in order, so I called it a day at this.


Buddha tooth relic


Buddha tooth relic

Day 2

I stopped off at orchard road which has a billion shops and malls along it… I thought there were some swanky malls but was unable to find them, so headed on a long sweaty walk to the botanical gardens. This was nominated as a World Heritage garden, so of course it was nice and huge!

In the evening I checked out the waterfront, where there was a special light exhibition on. The waterfront provided an excellent view of the illuminated city and the best backdrop for the light and water show.


I then headed through Marina Sands mall, which was the mall I wanted to find earlier in the day with an indoor canal! And headed through to the Sky Trees, which put on another light display.


To say these looked like they belonged in space is an understatement.

On the way back, I got a better look at the Marina Sands building… I still can’t figure out how they got the ship up there!


Day 3

I started my day by re-visiting everything I’d seen the night before, to see it all in the light…. in my opinion, the waterfront is more beautiful in the day. I also went to the Science and art museum which seemed a bit of a fad, maybe best left to families (or just go down the slide like I did).


Then back the the Sky Trees, which were just as amazing in the light as in the dark!


Next was onto Little India, full of colourful markets and if the humidity isn’t enough for you, plenty of curry (don’t head too deep into the market place, you’ll pass the raw stinky meat!).

Day 4

I started my day off by wandering around a bit more of the waterfront, and saw the national symbol, the Merlion! Then I headed around the older buildings between dipping into shopping malls for airconditioning.

I also discovered this rooftop view for free, so I didn’t need to check out the Marina Sands hotel.

In the eve, I packed up and prepared myself to say goodbye to this strange, spacey, but beautiful city.


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