Kuala Lumpur (2 Days)

Day 1

Arrived at around 4 am into KLIA2 and slowly made my way to use my parent’s hotel room for the morning to get a bit of a nap. I noticed straight away that I had my guard up, getting worried about the guy asking me if I needed a taxi… (I’ve definitely made myself paranoid from reading about scams online). I managed to get a couple of hours of sleep before making my way into the centre of KL to check into my own hostel. I”splashed out” (£17 a night) on a double room to myself. I spent the early afternoon checking out Bukit Bintang area which is filled with huge, air conditioned shopping malls.

After this, I tried to set off on foot to the KL Tower and its revolving restaurant, this failed due to the humid heat pretty quickly and I took cover in a coffee shop and booked my first ever Uber for the remaining 15 minute walk to the tower (cost about £1!!).

I made it up the tower and took the worst selfie, covered in sweat and looking like I was about to fall asleep on the spot.


Ignore me… look at the twin towers in the background

When I was shown my seat in the revolving restaurant, I asked to move to a better view… the waiter said “Mam, it’s revolving, see?”… I shouldn’t be left alone when hot and jet lagged! The food was pretty average on the buffet, but the views were good!.


View from the  Manera Tower


view from the Manera Tower

When I got downstairs, it was pouring it down with a huge thunderstorm in quick persuit… I thought the haze over the city was smog, not a thunderstorm, when I was in the restaurant. Time for another Uber! I was going to head back to the hostel, but Mr. Uber man informed me that the central Market was in fact undercover, so we re-routed and I checked this out and the Chinese Market out for a couple of hours “Mam it’s rainy season, there are no tourists, you are my no.1 customer, I give you discount” and this sort of thing was a common phrase  (I’m pretty sure it’s not even rainy season). I also tried out my bartering skills… on some genie pants, only knocked off 7 MYR (~£1.40) from 35 MYR, so I have some way to go. As I was shattered and unable to find wifi for an Uber, I got a taxi back from the side of the road, Mr Taxi Man said: “I’ll make it 20MYR as I’m getting a coffee”, I said: “15 MYR”, he came back with a quick “done”, I know I’d been fooled and probably got charged double an Uber… but in the grand scheme of things £1.50 isn’t going to break the bank!



Day 2

I started the morning off with free brekkie in the hostel, where I met some German guys who were also planning on heading to the Batu Caves. So off we went!

We were welcomed by hoards of monkeys and plenty of tourist shops. Behind the giant golden Hindu statue are 272 steps (not as bad as you think!), which take you up to the caves. The site is a Hindu temple, however it’s also a big tourist place to visit.The caves are huge, and boiling again. They open up at the top, which allows plant life to flourish.


Entrance to the Batu Caves


Batu caves



Batu Caves


Temple within Batu Caves


Monkey Selfie


We then went over to the Dark caves (part way down the stairs) which is a conservation site, so we paid for a 1 hour guided tour. The tour guide pointed out rock features and endemic wildlife along the way (a long legged millipede and a cricket.) A stray dog also decided to join us for the tour.


Dark Caves

We then stopped for a late lunch in Chinatown before I headed to the Petronas towers. Unfortunately the skywalk was sold out for the evening. So I strolled around the park and waited till dusk when the fountains were switched on and the towers were lit up! It would probably be best to wait until it was pitch black, but jet lag got the better of me.


Petronas towers

Petronas towers


2 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur (2 Days)

  1. Wow Steph .What a fantastic time you are still having. Your exciting adventure never stops. You will die of boredom when you return home. It will still be a pleasure to see you again though. Enjoy the rest of your stay. Love Grandad.


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