Chinese New Year – Wellington

I went to the night markets in Wellington the day before Chinese New Year. The city put on a show… which was, lets say, interesting. There were some Chinese drummers who opened the festivities. I was imagining the drummers from the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics to appear, to bring a bit of energy, what turned up was a group of their grandmothers, who definitely didn’t bring the energy on their outing from their retirement home. After their first song, they did what they did best and stopped for a photo opportunity. The photo op lasted about 5 minutes, so the presenter obviously thought they were done and started introducing the next act… the dance troupe of grandmas decided they weren’t finished, and told her so, whilst still seizing the opportunity to take some more photos, this went on until they needed to return back to the retirement village for a nap.

Chinese drummers

Chinese drummers

Another act was a Chinese jazz band, where again, the Chinese singing element appeared to be lacking… talent (I’m sure I can sing”when your smiling” better than she could, and I sound like a strangled cat) and let down the pretty decent band component of the act.

Chinese jazz band

The rest of my evening was made up by the great food on the night markets and the entertainment in the street (which had no Chinese New Year influence at all). The night market comprised of food stalls with food from all over the world,so I tried some Thai and Chinese (which made up for some of the poor entertainment) food.

As I was heading to my hostel, I stumbled across loads of different performers on the street, my favourites were the salsa dancing, and the swing dance with a full brass band…If I were here longer I would definitely have taken some swing dance lessons, as everyone looked like they were having a great time!

Salsa time!


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