Great Taste Trail

The Great Taste Trail is a cycle route which runs from Nelson the Kaiteriteri and loops back through to Nelson. I spent 2 days cycling from Richmond (I was lazy and got the bus there from Nelson as I knew it wasn’t the most attractive part of the trip) up to Kaiteriteri. Day 1 I cycled from Richmond to Motueka… I didn’t get off to a too good start, the tide was very high which flooded the subway I had to cycle through, I underestimated it’s depth, even after been warned by another cyclist and my feet were wet in the first few minutes… luckily I also had a pair of flip flops with me…so cycled the rest of the day (40kms) in these. I should’ve expected the bruises on my feet the next day…


Soaked in the first 5 minutes


Making my way to Rabbit Island

I cycled through to Rabbit Island, which I had visited before and stayed here for a hour on the beach with my book before taking the ferry. The ferry glided across the fast flowing estuary with ease and took us over to the buzzing Maupua. I treated myself to a “real fruit” ice cream (Ice cream blended with some berries) before heading on through the small town.


Rabbit Island



Mapua Ferry


Converted storehouses in Mapua

Along the way there were some varied views.


A more boggy area


“Weather stone”… unfortunately the stone had gone missing

And some climbs… one which I decided to hop off and cheat by walking.


Trying to grin at the top of an uphill cycle!

I then stopped off at the quirky Jester House which had a billion things to do for the kids from dress up, to play stuff  and even to feed the eels… their coffee was pretty good too.


Jester House- These eels were more friendly looking than the real thing

After this I met another friendly American cyclist and finished the journey (even a few climbs) for the evening to Motueka. That evening my joints were achey so tried to soothe them in the jacuzzi at the hostel… unfortunately the bubbles didn’t work so it felt like a communal bath. We then went to dinner at the local Sprig and Fern and had a few to many and stayed until closing. Then walked back via the beach.

The next morning, feeling a little bit worse for wear we headed on to Kaiteriteri. This was my favourite part of the cycle which took you through a mountain bike park…as a complete novice, the park was well designed, taking you slowly uphill without killing you then spits you out on the golden beaches of Kaiteriteri.


Day 2



Kaiteriteri Mountain Bike Trail


Kaiteriteri beach



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