Wellington and River Valley

After taking the ferry back we spent the day in Wellington checking out the Galapoli exhibit in Ta Papa which was pretty awesome. The to scale life size figures were ridiculously detailed down to arm hairs.


We then headed down to River Valley and were warmly welcomed by the complete ruralness of the place, and the incredibly friendly staff. Next up we were greeted by a roast… I’m sure roasts when you’re travelling become the best, and most memorable meals you have…. and this one was great! To then help our food down we washed it down with a couple of drinks and a trip to the jacuzzi…unfortunately it wasn’t particularly warm, so only had a short stay in there whilst drinking our wine.

The next morning we woke up bright and early for our rafting. We were about to raft the Rangiteiki river which included some Grade V rapids, the only place to do this grade in New Zealand.This fact terrified me, but once we were put in the capable hands of our Canadian Raft Guide, I felt pretty at ease as he took us down the rapids! My raft had no lost people as we floated down the river, raced down the rapids and were flung around. My face in photos looked like I hated this experience…but trust me, it was great fun!



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