Over Christmas I travelled south from Nelson and ended up in Dunedin. once I arrived I asked the hostel workers what there is to do, they said the best thing to do in Dunedin is to see it’s beaches… Unfortunately I didn’t have a car, but discovering the city itself over a couple of days was worth the visit. 

On my first afternoon I visited the Otago Settlers museum, full of information from British settlers in Dunedin through to old artefacts… I find that because NZ was colonised by the Brits, a lot of things in the museums here are also back home, so I didn’t visit every room. But it’s well worth a visit… The even better thing is that it’s free!

2 minutes from the museum is the Train Station, apparently the “most photographed building in New Zealand” which is a pretty gothic building which survived being torn down unlike a lot of other older buildings in NZ. 

Dunedin train station

Dunedin train station

The next morning as I was only in the city for a couple of days I thought I’d get the most from a tour. Whilst I prefer walking tours as you absorb more of the area around you, I opted for a bus tour to head out the city a bit further! I chose the Good Coach Company after checking out reviews on Trip Advisor. The tourguide, Chris, was incredibly knowledgeable takings around the city, including places out wouldn’t necessarily visit as a tourist. He took us around the older iconic buildings built during the gold rush to the beaches, the steepest Street in the world, Olveston House and some great lookout points over the city.

View over Dunedin and the estuary

View over Dunedin

Olveston House

The world’s steepest street is up to 1:2.86 rising a metre almost 3 metreseauserd horizontally. They have to make the road out of concrete as bitumen would just flow down in the summer, and they have a yearly Jaffa Cake rolling contest down it!

Worlds steepest street, Baldwin Street

The weather was beautiful in the afternoon, so I took a bus out to St Clair beach, where I spent the afternoon reading my book on the beach… I also ended up with burnt ankles from wearing leggings! 

St Clair beach

St Clair beach

Sign near St Clair beach

After dinner I had an evening stroll and walked through the university area, down the river and around the lower part of the botanical gardens… Definately worth a visit, especially to see all the different types of roses and birds that are there!

On my final morning I headed to what the tour guide referred to as the historic area. It was pretty much an unused area which is being slowly turned into an area for apartments, full of interesting buildings and art work. I also visited the small Saturday morning farmer’s market.

Historic area

Historic area

Historic area


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