Nelson and Picton

The drive from Wanaka was a long one, so we tried to break it up. We stopped in Hokitika for a lunch stop, other than a large art store there wasn’t much here. We then stopped at Punakaki to have a look at the Pancake Rocks. Apparently at high tide there are large blow holes with large spouts of water which  come out…whilst we didn’t see this it was still very pretty.


After a long drive, we arrived in Nelson for the night. The Nelson Market happens on a Saturday morning and if the weather is good, loads of market sellers are out selling food,local produce and crafty things. We found some good Vietnamese food and honey. Nelson is also home to the Centre of New Zealand which is based on a hill. So we hiked up to the top and had a great view of the Mai Tai Valley and the town.


DSCF9148.JPGWe decided to take the scenic route along Malborough Sound to Picton,which offered some spectacular views. When we arrived in Picton, it was tipping it down, so we did a”running tour” to try and avoid the rain. Due to the time in the day, most shops were shut too…We booked can evening ferry to ensure we had a full day, but this meant that we didn’t get the views on the way back!



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