After the long beautiful drive to Wanaka from Milford Sound we pitched our tent, and had a 5* view…


Somewhere along our journey


Somewhere else along our journey.


Who needs a hotel when you can camp!

Wanaka was (yet another!) beautiful town situated on a lakeside,  surrounded by mountains. The lake was relatively sheltered by the mountains and reflected the blue of the sky, and would be great for water sports. We decided to try a new water sport of our own, aqua biking! These were bikes with large hollow plastic wheels that you cycle to move. I think we would’ve won some national championships if they were any, but we’re in New Zealand, so unfortunately, no one takes things seriously enough to launch one.


Putting our feet up


Ready to become the aqua bike champions

As we left Wanaka we went to Puzzling World, which was full of illusions and a huge maze. There was a room which made us appear large and small all in the same room. Another room with a steep sloping floor, which screws with your brain as gravity does not feel right and it left me feeling rather seasick! We also almost finished the maze but it got too frustrating for me trying to find the exit… so we left through the “emergency exit”.



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