Milford Sound

If Doubtful Sound was beautiful, Milford Sound took it to the next level. The journey, whilst long, to Millford Sound, was incredible, but with light fading we were unable to make many stops. Around an hour away from Milford Sound was Homer Tunnel, which was surrounded by tall, snow capped mountains which still had visible blue ice on them. You could tell from the shear sides why it was a high risk avalanche area. We later found out that they control this risk by creating controlled avalanches by dropping bombs on the at-risk areas.


On the way to Milford

Homer Tunnel itself appears unfinished, with a leaky roof and the exposed rocks… it definitely didn’t feel very safe! Once we were through the tunnel we were greeted by a couple of the first naughty Keas that we met in the area… and these mischievous birds are definitely one of my favourites. I found out that they were slightly more common than I thought they were… so my initial excited squeals and tears were probably a bit OTT…


Naughty Keas!

The next morning we went kayaking on Milford. We were provided warm kit, and were shuttled out on a small boat just beyond Stirling Falls…we decided not to battle with the Tasman Sea. Unfortunately, there was low cloud, drizzle and…SANDFLIES! But the rain did mean that we could see all the waterfalls around us. Milford’s channel was narrower and shorter than Doubtful’s and the mountains to the sides of the channel were more steep and striking in Milford.


Bobbing along and sticking out like a sore thumb in neon kit on the beautiful sound


Milford Sound

We paddled into Stirling Falls…we didn’t get too far in as the  power of the water pushed us away. Around us we could see previous rockfalls and plenty of seals. The rest of the way back we were struck by the beauty of the place .


Stirling Falls

Our next stop was Wanaka, so we made a morning of our drive back, stopping at a variety of stops including the Chasm close to Millford and Monkey Creek where you can taste the snow melt water… which didn’t taste any different to tap water. We also stopped at the Mirrored Lakes which should be re-named mirrored ponds, but found another still lake along our journey.


Mirrored Lake with a mirrored sign


Photo from a swing bridge




FYI-Once you get to Milford Sound, there is little choice by the way of accommodation, and phone reception is non existent, so everywhere likes to try and charge $2383947 per megabyte…



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