Queenstown sandwiched the let-down of Tekapo with its striking beauty. The town is situated in the shadow of the aptly named “Remarkables” a beautiful set of mountains which lies just over the lake from the main town. Other mountains surrounded us and paired  with the lake just finished off the perfect picture.I can promise the view from the Absoloot Backpackers’ kitchen will provide you with the best start to your morning!dscf8034DSCF8036.JPG

Whilst we were there we wandered around the town finding FergBurger and Noodle Box, both serving tasty and relatively cheap food. There are also plenty of small craft markets, with the  Saturday market being the biggest. One of the people in our dorm room sold leather bracelets and other leather tokens which made a nice gift to myself to take away. We also got some feathers in our hair, I opted for blue. We also visited Minus 5, a brilliant Ice Bar where you drink from frozen ice glasses and whilst you’re freezing inside you can gaze around at the beautiful sculptures.

My favourite part of Queenstown was the hang gliding! A last minute decision lead me to be a human kite as I jumped off a mountain and flew and got some pretty awesome views and memories!


On the morning before we left it was a lovely clear day and we headed up the gondola for a picnic lunch, hot chocolate (always) and a couple of runs on the luge! I had my doubts about the luge, as Skytrek had robbed enough money from us for the extortionate gondola ride.It was definitely worth paying a bit extra to be able to race your friend down the track! Our score was left 1-1… but I know I’m the better luger!DSCF8053.JPGDSCF8050.JPG


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