Wellington and the Marlborough Sounds

I spent a couple of days in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. When we first arrived, I obviously missed the roundabouts at home and took us for a few laps of the city before finding some ridiculously expensive parking in the centre of the city, big mistake!

We then took a cable car ride up through the disco tunnels to the botanical gardens. Kiwis and Australians seem to love their botanical gardens, placing them wherever there is a park in the centre of the city. This one was my favorite from my travels so far, built over a hill which allowed the landscaping to change throughout, dotted with sculptures, and it provided a bit of a burn for the calves.


Driving through the disco tunnels


Cable car to the gardens


Hills in the gardens

We then headed up to Mount Wellington, a lookout point over Wellington . Some crazy kids were running up it, but as old and creaky twenty-somethings, we decided it was safer to drive and admire the view.


Panorama from Mt Wellington


View from Mr Wellington

After this we headed to the 3rd best restaurant in Wellington according to TripAdvisor (#1 for most affordable) Pizzeria Napoli with some friends from my European Summer Camp for some pizza! We then tried (really hard) to find some where for an affordable drink after, but nothing compared to the $22 jug of mulled wine in Ohakune. Nevertheless, it was lovely to catch up!

The next morning after a sleep in the grotty Lodge in the City hostel, we headed out to Zumos, an amazing coffee shop recommended to us. You chose your coffee bean and take a seat with the brilliant WiFi and open fire before they bring it out to you!

Next up was Te Papa, a huge free museum spread out over 6 floors with a viewing platform on the top floor and other exhibits such as galleries, Maori exhibits, War exhibits, natural history… The museum was great for all ages, with a lot of hands on entertainment for the kids… or us…


So nice of them to provide us with some extra layers

In the evening, the sun came out and we headed down to the South Island by ferry. The route took us through the beautiful Marlborough Sounds, where flat water and hills were plentiful.According to DOC they were formed around 10,000 years ago when the sea levels rose and drowned the steep sided valleys.


Marlborough Sounds


Sun setting on the Marlborough Sounds


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