So last night just after midnight, a 7.8 magnitude earth quake hit New Zealand near Kaikura on the east coast of the south island. I’m currently in Nelson which is about 250 kilometers by road from Kaikura, one of the worst hit areas.

I was still awake in a normal single bed (rather than a bunk), and wondered why the person below my bed started shaking so much (a groggy mind can play tricks on you)! As the earthquake increased in power the room started shaking more, and the hanging baskets outside were swaying as if it was a bad storm.The earthquake seemed to last a long time, much longer than I expected. For some reason I decided it’d be a good idea to open the door (mistake! STOP, DROP AND HOLD!) to have a look outside and try stand in the door frame. The closest thing I could liken it to is feeling like jelly wobbling away!

Straight after the quake and all through the day we’ve been feeling aftershocks which are much smaller and feel more like an underground train moving along, and sometimes  stronger, as if it is stopping/starting. There were also tsunami warnings earlier on today which have now been downgraded to beach warnings.Feeling fidgety, this afternoon, I wandered into the town centre, but it didn’t look like there had been any damage as a result of the quake. It’s definitely a story to add to my adventure!



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