Arriving in New Zealand and the Waitomo Caves

The trip from Hobart to Auckland took a full day from 5 am to 10pm at night. Safe to say, I went to bed quickly once I arrived! I stopped over in Sydney and had this amazing view as we flew into the airport.

The next day I met a friend from home who will be my travel buddy for the next month! We traveled down to Waitomo where a long rain shower awaited us. We set up our tent and found somewhere warm for a drink and food. The next morning, we found that our following accommodation and tours for the next 2 days had been cancelled due to the bad weather, however we were put on 2 other tours (with Waitomo Adventures) which made an exciting day!


Our first item on the itinerary was a 4 hour “Lost World” tour, which started off with a short walk and 100 metre abseil. It seemed super safe with 4 people per instructor, where we were attached to them as we abseiled down. We arrived into a large gorge covered in pretty mosses replicating a faerie kingdom. After this we wandered through a large cave and sat under some glow worms which looked liked LED lights.


The lost world


Just chilling 100 metres above the floor below



Slowly making our way down

In the afternoon, we did another tour which was a lot more scary. It consisted of abseiling down and in waterfalls in a cave, squeezing through tight spaces and crawling through streams. It definitely pushed us both more than the first tour did that morning.

7.10.2016 3pm Honk Nathan Fish (#) 007.JPG

Thrown down a waterfall

7.10.2016 3pm Honk Nathan Fish (#) 015.JPG

Free cold bath


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