Tasmania (photos to be uploaded)

I spent 9 full days in Tasmania, both on a tour and in Hobart, and it definitely wasn’t enough! After travelling the east coast on the mainland, Tassie is generally disregarded by Australians, as it is separate from the mainland with only a fraction of Australia’s population (apparently they have two heads in Tassie!). From exploring the island I would definitely recommend it as a place to visit, it is full of beautiful views, hikes and lakes, rivers and mountains.

My tour firstly took me down the west coast for three days which was beautiful. We visited Russell falls which appeared to fall over a stair-type rock formation which resulted in a beautiful intricate waterfall. We also visited another waterfall which had a suspension bridge you could walk along. As I had never been on a suspension bridge before, it felt very unstable, but well worth it for the view. We also visited Hetney Dune, which is a large sand dune. It had a little more vegetation than the ones in Frazer Island so they didn’t feel so barren, but had beautiful vies of the sea and mountains in the surrounding area. To leave the dune we ran down a steep slope in the sand, as the sand was unstable, it felt like you were flying! On the third day of the west coast we visited the beautiful national park surrounding Cradle mountain. I walked from Dove Lake up a steep hill to Marion’s Lookout then back down to Wombat Poo (Which I was later told the “l” from “pool” had been rubbed out!) which filled the three hours allocated to the site. To finish the day, we paid a visit to Cataract Gorge in Launceston which was a pretty 30 minute stroll filled with peacocks on the far end. We also visited various towns such as Strahan and a Town of Murals where we found a man with an Alpaca, and many beautiful lakes surrounded by mountains.

On days 4 and 5 of the tour we visited the East coast. The first day was pretty miserable which limited views and time we spent in certain areas. We visited a waterfall, the bay of fires which despite the weather were nice for a quick view, but would get drenched if you stayed ou the bus for more than a few minutes! The next day brightened up and the day started with a trip to Nature World near Bicheno, we were able to see Tasmanian devils being fed, feed kangaroos and see native birds, snakes, wallabys and many more types of animals! We then went over to Wine Glass Bay where we hiked up to the lookout for a lovely view of the bay below. We also visited a lighthouse which had even better 360 degree views of the sea and mountains.

Over days 6 and 7 there were day trips to Bruney Island and Port Arthur. The Bruney Island trip was a foodie based trip including a trip to a few lookouts and to see the white wallabys. We tried oysters, wine, chocolate,honey, whisky and salmon, it was a perfect trip for a rainy day! The day 2 trip took me to Port Arthur which was a punishment convict site, whilst its history is dark and you are made aware of this around the site, it is now a beautifully preserved UNESCO World Heritage Site. The tour also took us to the small town of Richmond which appears quintessentially English, to Waterfall Cove and to Pirates Bay.

On my final two days I looked around Hobart. I walked around the pretty Battery Point and Salamanca. And had a free trip with my hostel to the top of Mount Wellington which overlooks the city. Unfortunately the top was covered in cloud, so views were only about 10 meters in front of you whilst you were bombarded with freezing cold rain. On my final day I had planned to visit the MONA gallery, however it was shut, so visited the oldest brewery in Australia, Cascade Brewery. I tried 4 beers which were served on a paddle, then it was time for a pull a pint competition… I definitely didn’t win this! I then finished my time in Hobart with drinks and dinner with a couple of people I had met along the way.


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