I flew to Melbourne from Sydney and arrived at my hostel around midday. That afternoon I explored south Melbourne with their fantastic South Melbourne Markets, full of anything and everything you could want from food to clothes and tat, all for the fraction of the price of the supermarkets! I also went to their town hall which is a lot more grand than ones in the UK! After this I visited the botanical gardens and the Shrine which is a WWII memorial. There is a great museum inside and lovely views of the city from the top floor.


The next morning I went on another walking tour run by the same company as the ones in Sydney. Again, it was a great way to get a lot of information about the city quickly. We were shown the old parts of the city, cafe and art laneways and so much more.


DSCF7143.JPGAfter this, I decided to see the famous Ned Kelly’s armour in the library, which is also where i met a student who showed me around part of the city. We visited the Central Shopping mall where I got tried a virtual reality device which was really cool, I’m sure I looked crazy to onlookers! I followed this by feeding some possums in the local park.


In the following days I went to the old gaol museum which was where Ned Kelly was locked up and thousands of convicts were held. Another part of the museum allowed you to be locked up in one of the cells and tried to make you feel like a convict… With a little added humour. Definitely worth a visit!


On my final night I visited penguins in St Kilda which is about 40 minutes by tram outside of the city. As the sun set you could start to see little penguins return to their homes within the break wall,it was a special sight!


On my final day I had breakfast with a friend from Camp America. It was lovely to catch up even if it was too short! I then chilled out on Bourke Street which is a hub for buskers and shops.



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