Fraser Island

Full of beautiful sunsets and some amazing geography, Fraser Island is a sand island covered in rainforest off of the coast of Hervey Bay. I spent 3 nights and 3.5 days in the island on a tour with Cool Dingo. My first night was a ‘pre-tour’night if accommodation, I met 5 others who were also on the same tour. We instantly got on well which put my mind at rest for being trapped in a sand island with a group of strangers for 3 days! We went on to watch the sunset and win a quiz that first evening.


The next morning we set off for our tour. It started with an introduction showing us what 4×4 driving was all about on the aptly named “roller coaster road”! We drove over to Lake McKenzie which showed off its crystal clear waters and white sandy beach. For the rest of the day we did various bush walks and visited basin lake and Central Station (an old logging township) before heading back to the resort.


On day 2 we drove along what I believe may be the most beautiful highway in the world, right on the golden beaches with the sea to one side and the rainforest and sand dunes to the other. We were taken to a stop where we had the option to take a short small plane flight over the island for an additional 80 dollars. From speaking to people who had already done the tour it was worth it, and I had to agree! We took off and landed on the beach, and flew over the ocean, over butterfly lake, the shipwreck, the rainforest, big foot sand dune and over the coloured sands. I flew in the co-pilot seat where there was an awesome view. We landed next to the shipwreck where we met with the rest of the tour group.

dscf6615DSCF6595.JPGAfter this we took some photos with the shipwreck and the coloured sands which have been discoloured by iron then headed up to Indian Head. Indian Head is the highest point on the island standing at 60 metres tall. From there we soaked in the views and spotted some wildlife including sting rays and whales. We then visited Champagne Pools which is a natural lagoon where when the waves roll in, fizzes like a glass of champagne! On the way back we visited Eli Creek where we had a slow float down the river in inner tubes.


On day three we visited the deepest lake on the island Lake Wabby and Lake Birrabern which again, has crystal clear waters and white sand and did some stand up paddle boarding. A sand blow was next on the itinerary with a short forest walk to the start of the sand blow which opened out the a large expanse of sand (which looked like how I image the desert to look). This was connected to the islands deepest lake.  The sand dune felt incredibly hot, so the cool lake was a welcome break from the heat.



It was a great, but tiring tour where we got to see so much in a short amount of time.

After this we headed back on the slow ferry to Hervey Bay where I spent the night before heading into Noosa.


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