I spent 2.5 days in Noosa which is easily filled with activities.I was accompanied by someone I had met on the Fraser Island trip I had come from. On my first day there I arrived around lunch time and quickly settled down to some fish and chips (I chose cod this time) before exploring the local area. Noosa is split into 3 areas,  Noosa Junction, Noosa Heads and Noosaville, aka, the posh area, the place with the supermarkets/cheaper food/supermarkets/bus stop and the area near Sunrise beach. I finished my day off watching the sunset near Main Beach and with a wine and cheese night at the Flashpackers Hostel.

On day 2 I did the coastal walk, I thought it would take longer than it did, but it was a 5km route  from Sunrise beach to Main Beach. Along the way there were plenty of lookouts and wildlife including a small snake, a huge pod of dolphins, sea turtle, seal and goana. It definitely made the already beautiful coastline more interesting! In the afternoon we relaxed on the beach before heading back to the hostel.


I had heard about the Everglades (AKA Upper Noosa River).So on day 3 I had an early start, but definitely worth it. I was the only one booked in on this self guided tour, but the flat water, GPS attached to my boat and high usage of the river made it safe enough to set out alone. The first 5km leg took me from point Elanda to the Information Centre. The Information Centre was once used as offices but now contains some information for visitors on the ground floor, a brilliant view from the top floor and access to a few walks through the mangroves. After this I had a short paddle up Kin Kin Creek which was beautiful, the deep green of the trees reminded me of Britain. Further along the river it widens out with a lovely lily pond. I was told this is beautiful when the flowers are blooming. As you continue upstream  you reach the Everglades where the surface water is so still it mirrors the plants, trees and sky above and feels as though there is another magical world beneath you!

 I stopped for lunch at a camp ground called Harrys Hut where some others were also enjoying lunch. After this, I turned back down the river, taking the same beautiful route back. In total the route was around 25 KM, I felt very worn out after the long day!


I’d recommend visiting Noosa on the way to Brisbane/Airlie Beach, but I believe it can easily be seen in 2 days (including a trip to the Everglades).


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