Townsville and Magnetic Island

I arrived in Townsville late on 13th August after a 9hour journey from Port Douglas. I checked into the YHA hostel which is the best hostel (more like a hotel) that i have stayed in so far! I had a quick walk around Townsville before bed. The town appears to be undergoing some regeneration in the towncentre including a new bridge and fountain and a beautiful museum taking elements from a ship which can be seen through its design.

The next morning I woke up early to head to the ferry over to Magnetic Island. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t great which meant that sitting on a beach was out of the question. There didn’t seem much to do when the sun wasn’t out, so I set out on a hike. The walk took me through the bush to Forts Walk from Arcadia which took around an hour before starting on the Forts Walk section.
Forts Walk had a military presence in WWII which is evident along the walk including gun emplacements, a command post and observation tower. There is also a large population of Koala Bears which seems to be one of the biggest attractions to the island! These fluffy animals were definately worth the walk, one even had a joey (baby koala)! On the walk I met another group of people, so rather than finishing my hike we walked to horseshoe bay which was on the opposite side of the island to where we were staying.

We then took a bus to Arcadia. Arcadia had some very friendly wallabies which enjoyed being fed by tourists! After a few photos we headed back to the hostel and enjoyed the entertainment for the evening.

The next morning, after the effects of the evening before had warn off I headed back to Townsville. If the weather were better, you could stay in Magnetic Island for longer.

In Townsville I visited the Museum of Tropical Queensland. There were 3 main exhibits focusing around the shipwreck of Pandora, the history of Townsville and Tropical Queensland. The Pandora section was my favourite, it housed artifacts from the shipwreck and outlined the incredible story of a crew rebelling against the captain and setting off with a large booty.the English then set sail to catch the mutineers. Once captured they were kept in terrible conditions in a small wooden box in a boat. Along the journey home they ran into all sorts of problems and very few prisoners were successfully convicted and many of the crew and prisoners died. The Tropical section of the museum housed informative and interactive displays for all the family. I would definately recommend a trip!

Around 4pm I headed to Airlie Beach by bus which took around 3.5 hours.



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