Port Douglas and the Daintree

Yesterday, I traveled to Port Douglas from Cairns.Port Douglas is a small town,but incredibly pretty, especially when compared to Cairns. I walked around the small high street and checked out St Mary by the Sea, a little church with a spectacular view over the sea. Then I wandered over to the Marina where all the expensive yachts are moored and snorkeling trips set out from.

I opted of lunch with a view over the marina and gorged on a burger. For the rest of the afternoon, I walked up to a light house, and further onto a lookout point(which feels as though you’e walked miles in the heat) for a beautiful a view over four mile beach. Just looking out over the beach wasn’t enough, so I took a stroll along the beach where the rain forest appears to meet the sea. For dinner I thought I would try an Australian fish and chips, I chose a Barrmundi fish which was lovely and fresh, unfortunately the chips were little disappointing!

Today I went into the Daintree Rainforest on a tour. This included 3 walks within the rain forest where I saw a variety of plants and animals. We walked to Mossmon Gorge which whilst very pretty was almost disappointing after seeing the beautiful Atherton Tablelands.The trip also included another river cruise where crocs were definitely not in short supply!  After lunch we had a swimming stop and a stop at Cape Tribulation where again the beach meets the rain forest. During the drive we spotted a rare Cassowary which quickly ran off!

Tomorrow I’ll be travelling down to Townsville before visiting Magnetic Island and hoping to see the Port Douglas markets before I leave.



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