Cairns, the Barrier Reef and Atherton Tablelands (Written 11/08/2016)

I’ve finally made it to Cairns!

The day I landed I wandered around Cairns and did a boat ride up the inlet and spotted a crocodile.

The second day, had an early start- I went snorkeling on a couple of reefs on the Great Barrier Reef. I was a bit nervous at first before I got the hang of things. On the way there I bad a brief sighting of some dolphins at the front of the boat and on the way back there were some whales breaching in the distance which was pretty amazing! To finish the day off I caught up with a friend from university and his girlfriend over dinner and poked their brains about New Zealand and Australia.

Today I visited the beautiful Atherton Tablelands where I saw a variety of falls (including the Peter Andre/Herbal Essences waterfall), places to swim and some pretty awesome views.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading up to Port Douglas for some more adventures!



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